How To Build An Email List: Is It Really Simple?

How to build an email list. email list building.

How to build an email list? Should be the first question that resonates in the minds of online marketers (especially beginners).

So if you’re one who sees that as a challenge, don’t worry, this post for you.

You’ll learn:

➤ How important the email list is for your business.
➤ How to build and manage your email list.
➤ The steps for using our recommended email marketing platform.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive right in.

Why Building An Email List Is Absolutely Critical to Your Success As an Online Marketer

NOTE: This post on building an email list contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a service through one of my links I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Build Trust and Loyalty Using Email List

When someone subscribes to your email list, they do so because they find something of interest in what you offer. 

So they’re willing to open your messages and know more about you. 

While nurturing them with exclusive content on a regular basis they’ll be more likely to trust you and your business and even become loyal customers over time.
If you already have an email list you can learn how to grow it here.

Build a Strong Brand Depending on Your Email List

As a result of building a wide base of loyal customers comes other great value!  

You’re going to have an entrenched brand that leads to word-of-mouth promotion. 

That way you’ll be known more every day with no additional cost to your budget.

Isn’t that really fantastic?

Make money out of Your Email List

Really I don’t know who was the first that coined the saying “ Money is in the list’ as the internet marketers have been parroting since it’s been said.

The saying really makes a lot of sense to me. As the researchers prove that email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels.

In fact, a targeted email list that has a reasonable number of subscribers is an important business asset.

As you can tap into it so long as you’re able to manage and work with your subscribers on a mutual benefit approach.

Now you’ve built a blog or a website to make money through promoting affiliate products or even selling your own product or service.

In fact, it’s not that easy!

People know people first

As people don’t go straight into making deals with who they don’t know.
So you need to build trust with your prospects.

By using a leading email marketing provider like Constant Contact that I highly recommend for their great service.

You can schedule and automate emails to your subscribers.

That will help to build a community around your business and your brand. And nothing can really beat email marketing in this regard.

And so you’ll educate your subscribers about your business and the related industry and get money in return as they’ll be more likely to accept your offers. 

With Your Email List, You’re the King of the Marketing Process


What does that mean?

When you use social media, you’ll be of course charged for every time you want to promote your product there.

Also, you should follow their rules strictly, otherwise, they would shut down your account.

Even when you get organic traffic through Search Engines like Google you’ll suffer from time to time from changing their algorithms which will slow down your traffic as if you’re just starting out.

So your email list is really a business asset that you can tap into and use for your advantage in the short and long term.

You can create a campaign at any time to promote your product or service by sending messages to all your list or even to a segment of them according to what works better for you.

You’ll set the proper time for triggering your campaign
And finally, you’ll have a stat and analysis of the results of your campaign.

Based on this analysis you’ll be able to make informed decisions that help improve your business continuously.

For all that aforementioned you’re the king of the marketing process when you have an email list managed by using a reliable email marketing provider.

Email Conversion Rate Is Far Better Than That of Social Media

Email as a tool is hard to beat for acquiring new customers (McKinsey). 

Email conversion rates to purchase are estimated to be 3X as high as the social media conversion rate according to eMarketer.

Chart to show how conversion rate of email is better than social media

Moreover, the email share of acquired customers accounts for nearly 40X than that of Facebook and Twitter combined.

How to Do It Really Well with Your Email List’s Subscribers

First of all:

Don’t consider your subscribers as a means to get money. 
If you do so you’ll lose their interest and they’ll leave your list over time.

Instead, go with them in long term partnerships by providing them what they are looking for and line up with their expectations. 

That way they’ll keep waiting for your emails and opening them as they cater to their needs. 

And they will take your offers seriously as well.

Keep Listening to Your Subscribers’ Feedback

The feedback from your subscribers is always a positive sign of engagement. 

In case the feedback imparts a negative feeling take it seriously too.
Since it is a good opportunity to take action regarding improving your business.

Always Keep Doing: 

  • Keep in contact with your subscribers and share their interests and challenges.
  • Interact with them by replying to their inquiries. 
  • Provide them with a customized product or service based on their feedback.

And that is for sure will make your business thrive.     

Now let’s come back to our topic and our main question.

Is It Really Simple To Build Your Email List?

In our article, we recommend Constant Contact as one of the leading email marketing service providers.

  • Their support is superior to what beginners needed. As well as they offer a 60-day free trial ( no credit card required) for the US and Canada.
  • First month free with a purchase option for other countries.

So you’ve enough time to test the product and determine whether it is a good fit for you or not.

Still, we want to focus on email list building and whether it is really simple!

We’ll demonstrate the process using tools from our recommended email marketing provider Constant Contact.

How to Get Visitors to Subscribe to Your List

You need to optimize the most visited pages of your blog or website for conversion by embedding email sign-up forms.

So you’ll choose from different options the form that best suits where you’re going to embed it.

Sign up form.
Sign up form.

To be honest it’s really hard to turn visitors into subscribers without offering something they need and can use.

So to get better results you’ll want to create a compelling lead magnet for users to subscribe to your list.

It may be:

  • Ebook
  • Free course
  • Checklists
  • Videos 
  • The list goes on…

Now you’ve got subscribers in your list and you need to nurture and educate them about your business.
So you’ll have to create campaigns and send newsletters. 

How to Create Your Email Campaign.

Select the template that appeals to you and is a good fit for your content newsletter.

Select the template. for email list building

Then write your newsletter that provides value with the subject line that entices subscribers to open your message. 

The template you use to just deliver pure value to your audience differs from that you’ll use later to market your offer or to send a blog post newsletter and so on.

Now you’ve written your email using the chosen template, that leads us to the next step:

Optimize and Schedule Your email Send Time

Schedule Your email. for email list building

Based on your tests and trials you can determine what times that get the highest open rates for your messages.

Send a Warm Welcome Email

It’s a great chance for you to make a great first impression.
Let them know what to expect in the next few days.
Then follow through with the promises you make.

Segment Your Subscribers

Segmentation is one of the important features that help you categorize your audience based on their interests and behavior.

That helps you to send customized and highly targeted emails.

Segment Your Subscribers. email list building

Segmentation makes it so easy for you to cater to your audience’s needs and get better results.

Constant Contact offers the ability for you to use tags to categorize and segment contacts to send targeted email campaigns.

Email List Management. for email list building

Analyze Your Result for Constant Improving

With Constant Contact, you can track standard open, click reports, spam, and unsubscribe rates.
You also get click heat maps and some useful overview reports such as open and click trends, opens by device and most successful subject line. You can also compare campaigns. 

Report of your campaign. for email list building

Final Thoughts

  • Email marketing is all about targeting a specified group of people with messages on a regular basis to prepare them to accept your products or services later on.
  • Deliver value to keep your subscribers on your list and to keep them loyal to you and your brand. 
  • Always ask yourself, why should your subscribers listen to you? 
  • Keep in mind that the money will be in the list so long as you deliver what is worth or exceed that money otherwise you’ll get nothing. 

Now we’re looking to hear from you in the comment section. Sure your thoughts will add value to our community.

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