How to Grow Your Email List of Passionate Followers

How to grow your email list.

How to grow your email list? Are familiar, or are you still struggling?

Growing an email list should be a constant goal for both a beginner and a savvy marketer alike, to boost their success.

Here is a set of the right, and tested tools that help.

So let’s get started.

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Email Marketing – How Important it is to Grow Your Email list

As you may know, successful businesses start and grow through a community of potential customers.
So it’s a must to build a community around your business.

This is why you need to grow an email list of subscribers. 

To keep them knowledgeable and aware enough about your business so that they can make purchase decisions later. 

Still, email marketing is number one when it comes to establishing and growing an online business.
Consequently, if you’re wondering about growing your online business you should consider growing your email list.

Of course, we don’t aim at ignoring the benefits of the other platforms but when it comes down to CTR, conversions, and ROI, email marketing is the winner.
More about how to build your email list here.

What is the Key Question Now?

How to grow your email list?

Are there proven ways that help to grow email lists easily and quickly?
First and foremost, you’ve to find the right email marketing service provider.

We highly recommend using Constant Contact. As one of the most popular and credible providers of the service in the industry.

What are the right sign-up tools needed to grow your email list?

Our recommended email marketing service provider has multiple sign-up tools that help consistently get new contacts.

Pop-up Sign-up Form

A pop-up form is widely used and you can find it on almost all the most popular sites.

It suddenly appears to prompt the site visitors to take the action of joining your mailing list to get the benefits you offer.

You can set the form to display just after your visitors spend a specific amount of time, or when they decide to leave your website.

The form catches the visitors’ eye and attention and gives them another chance to decide if they can find a catch of this site.

You can customize how the form looks and choose the list you want it connected to.

Inline Sign-up Form

An Inline sign-up form can be placed in the perfect spot of your content using HTML code.

It may be placed within the lines of your post or at the end of your article where the interested reader has just finished reading it and becomes more responsive to join your list.

Here is a tutorial: on how to create an Inline sign-up form.

Lead Generation Landing Page

Lead Generation Landing Page is a customizable page that looks like a stand-alone website as you can give your landing page a custom URL.

You can customize the look of the page add images, and choose which data you want to collect from visitors.

Here is a tutorial: Landing Pages for Lead Generation.

Facebook Lead Ad

Facebook Lead Ad is a great way to reach a wide range of new audiences. You’ll be able to design a Facebook ad for a wide audience based on specific criteria. You can target different demographics like age group, location, and more.

Facebook Lead Ad to grow your email list.

Here is a tutorial: Using Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook Join My List App

Facebook Join My List App is a fantastic way that enable your audience to easily sign up for your constant contact mailing list.

You need to install the app on your Facebook Business Page. And it’s easy to customize it to express your business brand.

Facebook Join My List App to grow your email list.

Here is a tutorial: on how to create a Facebook Join My List App.


Text-to-join is a way that enables new contacts to join your lists using their mobile phones.

It’s currently only available in the US.

Video Tutorial: Grow Your Contact List with Text-to-Join

ListBuilder App

The ListBuilder App is available on iPhone and Android devices to allow new contacts to join your mailing list through their devices.

The ListBuilder App to grow your email list.

As we now have different sign-up tools that work in getting a steady supply of new contacts. So all we need is to make sure that these forms work better and effectively.

Why should your visitors take the action to sign up for your email list?

Yes, you need to offer something of value that they perceive as helpful for their business growth or could boost their brand recognition.

That said, here are some tested ideas:

Use Lead Magnet to Get More Subscribers

A lead magnet is something that you offer to your audience based on their preferences. As they will get it in exchange for their contact information.

A lead magnet

According to the above lead magnet example, your potential subscriber should enter their contact information just after clicking the download button to proceed to get the free offer.

The lead magnet varies according to your industry as it could be something like:

A free ebook, software, video tutorials, webinars, checklists, discount offers, free samples in case of physical products, or anything that your audience can perceive as valuable.

Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content is all about writing valuable content that works for a while to your advantage. Moreover, it can be a source that continually attracts new leads and grows your email subscribers.

How to write Evergreen content?

  • Use well-searched keywords
  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Look for topics that show increasing interest.
  • Include case studies and success stories in your content.
  • Be helpful and show continuous support for beginners and small businesses.
  • Create long detailed articles that comprehensively cover your topics.  

Use Call-to-Action (CTA) Wherever it’s Appropriate

The successful CTA increases conversions at the expense of bounce in a remarkable way. 

Don’t assume that your visitors will indirectly feel that they should go to your landing page or sign-up form to subscribe to your email list.

All the marketers and thought leaders in the marketing industries ensure that humans need to be asked in an explicit way to take the required action.

CTA could be very simple and clear such as: 

  • Sign up 
  • Subscribe
  • Join us 
  • Join free
  • Try for free
  • Get update

The list goes on, all that you need to do is to use it simply and effectively which helps and urges the user to the required action.

What is Next after Building an Email List of Subscribers

It’s great that you’ve got subscribers and built an email list as it’s said that the money is in the list.

According to, each email subscriber is worth $1 a month.

That means you can make $ 5000 just out of a list of 5000 subscribers. How great is that!
So what is after this hard and smart work to turn a user or a visitor into a subscriber?

What is your mission?

It’s now a harder and smarter mission than ever. You need to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in what you’ve to offer otherwise they will quit your list forever.

And keep thinking about giving more than getting so people can perceive that you are worth following. 

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